Rediscover Nova Scotia!

Residents of Nova Scotia, we encourage you to explore the beauty in our own backyard. Be sure to check ahead with restaurants, accommodations, and attractions to ensure they are open and to learn what safety precautions are required before you go.

Add #CanadaNICE, #RediscoverNovaScotia and #(your community)NICE to your social posts.

2021 Free Membership

DEANS plans to celebrate all year, but we wanted to kick off the New Year with our first exciting announcement. As our thank you for the continued support we receive we are offering FREE membership for 2021. Membership renewals are easy, if you are a current member we ask that you visit and ensure your information listed is accurate, if we do not hear from you, your listing will remain the same. If you need edits please complete the form below and we will have those changes made immediately. If you want to be a member, we can look after that! Please fill out the form below and once it is received we will add you to our membership directory.

Together we ARE stronger, we want to nurture a region where everyone is a tourism ambassador and we are promoting each other’s success. Our visitors will run out of time before they run out of things to do on our Shores.

Membership advantages include;

  • Be part of a larger community! DEANS makes up over 420 communities in 4 counties
  • Listing and photo on
  • Link from our site to your site, making for easy navigation for our visitors
  • Member communications through our Did You Know enewsletter
  • Travel media participation and familiarization tours
  • Benefits of participation in larger DEANS funded projects through partnership opportunities
  • Visitor Information Centre referrals
  • Access to our pay to play marketing opportunities
  • Access to our tourism branding for your own promotional materials
  • Collective participation at trade shows ie Saltscapes Expo

Application Form

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