Race on the River/Dragon Boat Festival

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Over thirty-five teams of twenty-one participants will form throughout our community and beyond. Some will come from corporations, area industries, small businesses, financial institutions, service clubs, and community organizations. Others will be made up of groups of individuals, both local and visiting.

Each team will paddle their Dragon Boat in heats while more than 1000 participants and spectators view from the vantage point of the two shores and the George Street Bridge.

A children’s tent, concessions, and other family-oriented activities will be going on throughout the day at the race site.

The Riverfront in New Glasgow provides the perfect setting for this event. Just one block from the quaint down town area, all races will take place on the tranquil East River. Spectators can enjoy the views from the George Street Bridge or the popular riverside walking path, the Samson Trail. Day-long activities will entertain spectators and participants all along the Riverfront.

About Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing began in southern China 2,400 years ago as a fertility rite performed to ensure bountiful crops. Races were held to ward off misfortune and summon up the rains needed for prosperity. The object of their worship was the dragon, who was believed to control rain and rule the water.

Today, Dragon Boat Festivals are held all over the world, with Canada holding 24 festivals coast to coast. It is one of the fastest growing athletic events in the world.

These festivals provide opportunities to introduce the sport of dragon boat racing to hundreds of people while at the same time raising funds for individual charities. The Dragon Boat Festival promotes athleticism, teamwork, competition and good, old-fashioned fun. The best thing about it is that any skill level can quickly adapt to the sport. No prior experience is necessary.

What is a Dragon Boat?

A typical Hong Kong style dragon boat is almost 12 meters (39 ft.) long, 1 meter (3 ft.) wide and weighs about 1500 lbs. It consists of the main body of the boat, with a dragon head at the front and a long tail out the back.

Constructed of wood, it holds 22 people for each race: 20 paddlers, a drummer (who keeps the beat of the stroke) and a steer-person (who keeps the boat straight). An equal number of people paddle on each side of the boat.

Due to their size and design, dragon boats are very stable and therefore very suitable for beginners. Races take place on a straight course, with each boat in a lane 9 meters wide. Race distances vary, depending on the event, from 200 meters to 640 meters. “Race on the River” is 250 meters.

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Race on the River/Dragon Boat Festival

155 Glasgow St,
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
B2H 5E7
This is a Seasonal Operation
Race on the River/Dragon Boat Festival is wheelchair accessible
Race on the River/Dragon Boat Festival is family friendly
Race on the River/Dragon Boat Festival is pet friendly
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