Request for Proposal (RFP)

The following Request for Proposal (RFPs) are available with Destinations Eastern & Northumberland Shores (DEANS).

Marketing Strategy

Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores (DEANS), in partnership with our stakeholders, request proposals for a marketing strategy that will include social media and a communications plan along with a separate proposal for activation of social media.


Scope of Work

  • Information sharing session with Board of Directors and stakeholders (Dec 7th at 10am).
  • Community and industry engagement to be considered as part of process.
  • Create an authentic marketing strategy that is aligned with our region taking into consideration our unique demographic and tourism product offerings.
  • Develop a social media and communications strategy that compliments and supports our current resources.
  • Incorporate our current brand, Coastal Nova Scotia, into daily activity.
  • Align marketing strategy with our Strategic direction.
  • As a separate deliverable – potential of a monthly contract for activation of social media.


Number of Proposals

An individual or firm may submit more than one proposal related to this Request for Proposal.


Proposal Submission

Proposals will be received until Friday, November 25th, at 4pm local time. Proposals should be addressed to:

Cindy MacKinnon, Managing Director
PO Box 55 New Glasgow
Nova Scotia, B2H 5E1

Proposals may be submitted in original form by email and or hard copy. The proposal shall be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format. All submissions should be identified as:

Coastal Nova Scotia Marketing Strategy

Acceptance of Proposals

  • DEANS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any or all proposals.-This RFP should not be construed as a contract for the purchase of goods or services.
  • DEANS reserves the right to accept any proposal that it considers to be in its best interest.
  • Selection factors will include but not be limited to presentation; background and experience of individual or firm responding to RFP; outcome of reference checks;timeliness and attention to detail.
  • DEANS reserves the right to negotiate with any individual or firm who has submitted a proposal.
  • The lowest bid may not be the successful bid.



Once a proposal has been accepted and contract details negotiated payment will occur as per proposal requirements.


Submissions to Include

  1. All submissions to include Project lead and contact information.
  2. Financial breakdown for all elements of scope of work.
  3. An outline of the approach and considerations for the proposal.
  4. Schedule indicating key milestones related to the project.
  5. The names and phone numbers of two references who can be contacted for comments related to their satisfaction with the similar work you/ your firm provided to them.
  6. Examples of similar work you or your firm completed along with a written description that will assist in the assessment of similar work.


Late proposals will not be accepted.

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