The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

Shopping & Services in the The Eastern Shore

My purpose in life is to be content and help others be content, too. I achieve this daily as the creative force at The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd., where I design all of the handcrafted, small-batch natural products for family, pets & home, including the signature ChoiceTM Laundry Powder.

I am committed to becoming the industry leader and standard setter for guaranteed unscented natural products. Why? I started this business because my skin literally cracked and bled from synthetic personal care products, and I was also super-sensitive to synthetic fragrances that are so prevalent in our modern society. Thankfully, I am now content due to the awesome natural products I use everyday, as are so many of the folks who now use my products.

I believe reaching the the goals outlined in the ONE Nova Scotia report are critical to the success of our province. I will contribute to those goals by creating at least 10 meaningful full-time jobs (soap pros!) right here on Nova Scotia’s beautiful Eastern Shore. In May 2018 I had the great honour of being chosen into the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program of the Wallace McCain Institute (ELP11), the flagship peer group for the highest growth potential entrepreneurs in Greater Atlantic Area. This membership is key to reaching my goals and building the economy of our beautiful Eastern Shore.

The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.

3130 Highway 211
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia
B0J 3C0
1-844-522-2114 Toll-free
This is a Seasonal Operation
The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. is wheelchair accessible
The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd. is family friendly
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