Rediscover Nova Scotia!

Residents of Nova Scotia, we encourage you to explore the beauty in our own backyard. Be sure to check ahead with restaurants, accommodations, and attractions to ensure they are open and to learn what safety precautions are required before you go.

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Who We Are and What We Do

Coastal Nova Scotia is a registered not for profit association that represents 12 municipal units along both the Eastern and Northumberland Shores. We focus on 3 main pillars as an Association:

  1. Destination Marketing Organization
  2. Visitor Servicing
  3. Industry Partnerships

Our Mission

Coastal Nova Scotia fosters a vibrant and sustainable region with thriving businesses, diverse communities and proud people who work together to make our entire region a favorite year-round tourism destination.

Our Vision

Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores facilitates sustainable and economic tourism growth through marketing, communication and education in partnership with community

Marketing Opportunities

  • Website Listing
  • Guidebook Listing
  • Guidebook Advertising
  • Special Promotional Material

Contact us if you are interested or are looking for more detailed information!

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